What people say

Choice of Hospital & Doctors are extremely friendly and approachable. They have explained the procedure and the course of action to me. It has given me confidence to go ahead with the treatment. I am very happy to say that my treatment was done brilliantly and I am feeling better every day. The nurses and other medical staff are quick to respond to the patient’s call for help. I was impressed with the state-of-the-art facilities of the hospital. Healthplus india has been a boon for me and I would like to thank management for their good work.
B.M. Mahfuzul Hoque
The hospital is excellent with world-class facilities. I was very impressed with the care I received at the hospital. The doctors and staff were very responsive and caring. They carried out their work professionally and satisfactorily. I would recommend anyone to go through The Healthplus india as they organised my treatment in a prompt manner and ensured that I was seen by the best specialists. The services I received from Healthplus india and the hospital were fantastic and value for money.
S.M. Rayhan Alamgir
Healthplus india and its entire team did a commendable job. We visited Kolkata/India with a mind for surgery but their intervention helped us to move ahead with Medical Management only. This shows the ethics they work with. The doctors were also incomparable. I recommend Healthplus india to other friends of mine who wants to come to India For their medical Treatment.
B Sudipta
Healthplus india know how to deliver their promise and make someone happy. I traveled to India in guidance and consultation of Healthplus india. The pain which I was suffering from years was taken care with innovative medical technology. Thanks to Healthplus india for putting me in touch with such Specialists. Other arrangements were also up to the mark.
Adv.Md.Arman Ali
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